Tree Nursery Sort Out

Class 2 made a good job of weeding, watering and mulching the school tree nursery on Friday 22nd June. The four beds looked much better by the end of the afternoon and we found some hazels had germinated this year for the first time along with the oaks and sweet chestnuts.

Visit to Big Wood

We had a lovely evening in this beautiful wood. Thank you Crispin for showing us round!

Here are some photos that Liz took that give the atmosphere and highlight the importance of dead wood as well as the living! Click on them to see them larger.



The new interpretation board has been unveiled in Grove Piece, thank you to all the folks who came to celebrate the purchase of this new community wild space. The bubbles and buns were delicious and there was plenty to talk about. We managed a half hour bioblitz and in that short time we discovered 57 varieties of plants and creatures with lots of people sharing their sightings from other occasions.

Celebratory AGM

Our AGM has moved to April to make accounting simpler and this year it coincided with our purchase of Grove Piece – so a good excuse for a celebration!


Thank you to Bernard, Harvey and Phoebe from Wenhaston Primary School for delivering the Powerpoint presentation that explained what they had enjoyed about working with Blyth Woods , how much they had learnt about trees and woodland and for helping us out with the cheese puffs. Thanks to  Analisa Jenkins and Chloe Welby  for accompanying the children, it was lovely to have them sharing the occasion.

GP-14We launched the website and invited everyone to join us up at Grove Piece to unveil the new interpretation board. (Date still to be arranged but it will be soon).