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School Endorsement

To whom it may concern,

Blyth Woods have been working alongside our school since 2012. We have set up a rolling programme of activities allowing every child in school to access work with the trust throughout each academic year. This has proven itself to be a valuable part of our curriculum and creates much enjoyment and learning throughout the school.

Our children gain hands on experience of the process of growing and caring for trees. Throughout their time in school they work through the whole process; from collecting acorns to plant, caring for young trees before eventually planting their saplings into a new environment. The children also learn the importance of the ongoing needs of the developing plants as we have the tree nursery here on site, gardening club keep a watchful eye on the needs of the saplings, watering and weeding when needed.

This work we do with the trust provides children with valuable hands on learning experiences and also a link to their surrounding community. We always invite parents to join the events that happen in and around school, allowing the whole community to be a part of this valuable project. This often involves extended family members too. Feedback from both children and adults is always positive and they are always keen to return for the next activity. Many of our older children have been doing this throughout most of their time here at Wenhaston alongside a family member, creating a keep sake for them both as they move onto secondary school.

We feel this project has become an integral part of the education we offer, as the pupils may well bring their children to our school in the future. We currently have parents here that were Wenhaston pupils themselves. In the future it could our current pupils passing on their memories of planting and nurturing to future generations, therefore highlighting valuable community links such our link with Blyth Woods.

Mrs J Bowles                    Miss C Welby

Head teacher                    Class teacher



From. District Cllr. Michael Gower

To: Blyth Woods – Sue Gow Treasurer

Date: 23/08/2016

Dear Sponsor

I hope you will be able to support this important project.

The land has been in community ownership through the church for a number of years but the benefits to the community have been limited to the receipt of a very small rent

The proposed Blyth Woods Community Wood in Wenhaston will bring considerable benefits to the local community.  The land will be transformed, by local people, from a field of low economic value to a community wood. The new wood will be created and used by local children, who have already anticipated the purchase of the land by growing their own trees and saplings.  The wood will be used for the production of woodland resources, walking, recreation and the enjoyment of the countryside.  The new wood will create a new and important habitat for birds and wildlife.

The population of Wenhaston has increased rapidly in recent years and many of the families who have joined us don’t come from a rural background.  The project will help people re engage with the countryside and their rural past as well as creating a space for community recreation and relaxation.

By supporting us, you will help to create an exciting new asset for the community.

I am keen and enthusiastic supporter of this project.

Cllr Michael Gower

Blything Division

Suffolk County Council


From Essex and Suffolk Water:

“What a wonderful legacy for your community you are all creating.”