Aims of Blyth Woods:

  • To make wildlife corridors and extend wildlife habitats

  • To leave an additional wild space as a legacy for the future

  • To engage the community so that the future wild space is secure and safe

  • To provide long term resources for the community

Blyth Woods group got together in 2012 to plan, plant and maintain community woods in the parish of Wenhaston, Suffolk and the parishes of the Blyth Valley. For the first three years we were advised and guided by the GreenLight Trust who had helped over 50 other groups develop similar projects. We are their 60th group. While looking for land to plant on, we started a programme of activities with village schoolchildren, taking out a succession of year groups, collecting acorns, planting them in the school tree nursery, tending young saplings and eventually planting them out around the village, filling in hedge gaps, and along borders of the commons. The children are growing up beside their trees! Then we found the ideal location – the small field adjacent to Vicarage Grove known as Grove Piece. At first we had a licence to occupy the field and then after a year we were able to purchase it. There is access to Grove Piece at all times to everyone.

Blyth Woods is the name of our group.

Grove Piece is our first community woodland.

In recent years the village has lost many elms, oaks, horse chestnuts, and now ash trees, to diseases. This means it is even more important to create new woodland. It is a big job but if lots of people are involved, nobody has to take on too much. If you would like to be part of this project please contact one of us.

People love trees and trees are good for people. Our trees, hedgerows, woods and forests contribute significantly to the quality of life and enhance the local environment and biodiversity. They support economic growth through regeneration, help mitigate the impact of climate change, assist in reducing air pollution and provide important health and educational benefits.

Find out what’s on and get stuck in

logos doublestripPostcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Blyth Woods received £2,000 from the Trust for an Interpretation Board at Grove Piece.