Restoration of the pond in Malster’s Little Field

The restoration of the pond in Malster’s Little Field is underway. Over the years ponds become shaded by trees and vegetation, silt accumulates and reduces the depth of the pond, plants take root in the shallow water and rotting vegetation changes the profile of the water. So we have removed some trees that were shading the area, the digger gouged out a lot of silt and nutrient rich mud which has been spread on tree planting areas and habitat piles have been made with the willow trees that were growing in the pond. It has left a large space for water to fill on top of the clay which lines the bottom of the pond. It will be very interesting to see what moves into the pond and takes up residence over the next year. One area beside the pond has been left without silt to keep it more suitable for flora that prefers less nutrient rich soil, so watch that space!

To get the best regeneration please keep dogs out of the pond . They disturb wildlife and water clarity and can destroy delicate plant colonies. In addition the chemical treatments used to control fleas and ticks on dogs also washes off in ponds and kills the microorganisms which the pond ecosystem depends upon. Something to bear in mind.

We hope you will enjoy watching the development.

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