Flowers in Grove Piece and more life in the pond

On a recent walk in Grove Piece we found a large patch of Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea) near to the north hedge. Ground Ivy is, or was, also known in East Anglia as Tunhoof. Before the introduction of hops Ground Ivy was the main means of adding bitterness when brewing, or tunning, beer. The Old English name is Hofe , so Tunhoof came from combining the two words.

All over the field Common Field-Speedwell (Veronica persica) is opening small bright blue flowers. One petal (usually the lowest) of the flower is paler and smaller than the other petals, a useful way of telling it from other speedwells

On the surface of the pond were several Common Pond Skaters (Gerris lacustris). I got close enough to one of them to photograph it and when I looked at the photo later found that it was holding prey in its front legs, a small insect that had probably dropped onto the water.

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