AGM 2019

It was lovely to welcome old friends as well as new faces to our AGM on Wednesday 24th April. After a summary of the Blyth Woods year we had a talk by Alan Miller on the fascinating Bats of Suffolk. Like other insect eaters these creatures are having a hard time and need insect rich habitats along with dead trees, tunnels, attics and barns to rear young and hibernate. I didn’t realise that some bats live for twenty years but only rear one young one a year. Let’s hope we can support them through our work with Blyth Woods. Refreshments and chance to chat brought the year to a close and fired us up for new challenges in the year to come. Raising money to buy Maltster’s Little Field beside Grove Piece will be our focus for a good part of the time ahead and we would be grateful for any support folks can offer whether that is money, time or ideas.

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