A busy Saturday! – “Our Shared Earth” event in Halesworth and a work party in Wenhaston.

Planting a Wild Service tree

The work party on last Saturday (February 22nd) saw more trees planted in Malster’s Little Field. Twenty-seven Sweet Chestnuts are now going in an area at the eastern end of the field. in future these will be coppiced every twelve years or so to provide timber and firewood. Sweet Chestnut coppice is a favourite habitat of Nightingales so here’s hoping! 

We also planted the two Wild Service trees donated by Heather Philips, one near the footbridge at the entrance to Malster’s and the other in Grove Piece between the seat and the pond.

Ken and Joan from Norfolk visited us. They are are in the process of setting up a group to plant woodland in Filby, just north of Great Yarmouth. Ken is an expert in the group of micro moths whose caterpillars feed by tunnelling in leaves, the leaf-miners. We are hoping that he will return in the autumn to identify some of those that live in our woods.

While this was going on at Grove Piece and Malster’s Geraldine and Liz were looking after our display at the “Our Shared Earth “ display at Halesworth library and answering lots of questions from many interested visitors. 

Hot drinks on the way!

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