Malster’s First Workparty

It’s amazing how much nine people can do in a couple of hours. At our first work party in Malster’s Little Field we got busy cutting, planting and constructing. We planted over 60 hazels for coppicing and 17 crab apples (I’ve just found a recipe for rosehip and crab apple jelly). I’m sure the birds will take their share of the fruit harvest too. We cut a path from the footpath through Malsters to Grove Piece to encourage people to keep to a route so that wildlife is less disturbed. In time we may well extend the pathways. The cut path now links with the footpath by a bridge we put in place over the ditch. A hot drink from the Kelly kettle, chocolate cake and flapjack were all very welcome at the end of this activity. Thank you to all who helped today and to John Hill for delivering the matches that we forgot to take. Marie

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