Tree shapes

It was quiet in the wood and making tree shapes turned out to be a therapeutic and contemplative activity.

“It makes you look at trees in a completely new way”

“I didn’t realise that the barks of trees were so different to each other”

“It’s good to spend some time in the wood enjoying the trees”




Some of the shapes we made will be on sale at the Wenhaston Christmas Fair.


Report on the workshop from Liz Hill

Blyth Woods Tree Sculpture Workshop

On 22 September Marie Rolfe led a very therapeutic tree sculpture workshop for a few lucky attendees.

The event consisted of learning how to create a “cast” of part of a tree by using, tissue, water, parcel tape, patience and a bit of creative knowhow.

We spread out around the wood looking for interesting bark patterns. Once selected we placed tissue over the pattern we wanted to capture. Using wet strips of parcel tape we lay strips over the tissue shaping it as we pressed. We added further layers by placing strips in the opposite direction. Once we have a good stable structure, we let it dry.

The sculptures we made varied in shape and size. We lifted them gently off the base and took them home. Gentle trimming, adding a curtain hook on the back and a spray with paint created the finished articles. Some will be sold at the Christmas bazaar to raise funds for Blyth Woods and the rest will decorate our homes.

The weather was kind and although some of us ended up with bites from unforgiving mosquitoes, we all thoroughly enjoyed our sculpture day in the woods.

Liz Hill


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