School Report for the AGM 2017

School Report 2017

This is the 5th year that Blyth Woods has worked with Wenhaston Primary School and this year was special because we were able to take the whole school up to Grove Piece and show them where we intended to make a community wood.

So in mid- November we took 80 children plus staff and parents up to Vicarage Grove and showed them what an old wood could look like, the height of the trees the variety of trees, the different types of woodland plants and the creatures that live there. Then we walked into Grove Piece and saw the contrast of a poor quality barley field. It was so good that they were able to see the place before any planting or regeneration had happened. We explained the plan for the field and showed them where the school would be planting their young trees and where the pond would be. Having the whole school up there with lots of parents as well made it really feel like a community space.

In October the Reception class collected and planted acorns joined by as many family members as there were children. So the tree nursery was well stocked.

The annual tree planting with year 5 and 6 did not happen until January to allow us time to mark out the planting areas. This was a special planting because it was the first time children had planted trees they had grown from acorns into a community wood. The day we chose for planting was snowy and I phoned school expecting them to cancel but they were up for it so we were delighted. The children planted 18 oak trees from the school tree nursery into the school area of Grove Piece with lots of straw and mud everywhere. John Grant from East Anglican Daily Press joined us and gave us a good spread in the paper.

Year 3 and 4 visited Grove Piece in March to do a Tracks and Trails activity where the children look for evidence of creatures using the space. Again we contrasted Vicarage Grove with Grove Piece and then the children left small environmental sculptures to show they had visited the field. They made some great pieces with snail shells on sticks and circular clay walls.

Finally in June years 1 and 2 carried out the Weeding and Mulching of the tree nursery at school. It was good to hear children answering questions about the care of the trees and telling us they remembered the information from the last visit.

Early in September I had a review and planning meeting with the school and they are happy with the programme and so we booked dates for the activities in 2018.