Work Parties

Blyth woods work parties are informal and fun! We have a Kelly kettle that means we can stop for a hot drink and there is usually something edible to go with it. Come and join us at any work party, everyone is welcome.

9th May  Weed control in Grove Piece

This will be removing grass and weeds from the tree protection sleeves and cutting the tops off bristly ox-tongue , thistle and dock so they do not seed and produce even more plants. So tough gloves, boots and shears would be a good idea.

14th June Weed control in Grove Piece

Just in case we missed any weeds in May we are planning to have another go! In time the grasses and plants like buttercup will hopefully shade out the monsters. It is a succession thing, just a stage we have to go through.

11th July Weed control in Grove Piece again!

More of the same, removing weeds from spirals and chopping the tops off other dominant weeds to stop seeding. Bristly ox-tongue likes disturbed soil so as there is less bare soil  we should find less of it about.

17th November

Cooler weather and sticky soil should be just right for planting some dormant trees and some osier whips near the pond. We will be replacing any trees that did not survive the first rounds of planting and filling in any gaps in the community area where we would like a few standard trees. Wellies, gloves and a spade should be all you need.