Fixing up nest-boxes in the snow!

Last Saturday, when there was still lots of snow about and although it was cold it was nothing like the two preceding days with their arctic blasts, four of us walked over the fields to Grove Piece carrying six nest boxes, a hammer and a pocket full of nails. It was an easy walk with no drifts to negotiate and on the way we saw fox tracks and two hares that sped off into the distance. Even though there are lots of trees in the hedges around Grove Piece it wasn’t easy to find good sites for the boxes and Judy went back to the car to fetch secateurs so spaces could be cleared to give a good flight line into the boxes. Having found good sites it was easy to fix the boxes so we felt satisfied with the morning. Then, just as we were packing up a Woodcock flew low across Grove Piece and pitched down into the bottom of the hedge. As Alan said, a proper woodland bird for our new wood. John.

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